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Canut Noval y Asociados S.C. (inTERP, registered trademark) (hereinafter the “Responsible Party”), domiciled at Calle Antonio Rojas 7 Col. San Simón Tolnahuac, Al. Cuauhtémoc, Zip Code 06920, Mexico City, Mexico, pursuant to the Federal Law on the Protection of Personal Data Held by Individuals and its Regulations (hereinafter, collectively, the “Law”), hereby provides this Privacy Notice so as to inform you about the way in which your personal data and any other information gathered through various means, including our website, are used, disclosed and stored, with the aim of guaranteeing the privacy of said information and a person's right to informational self-determination. Likewise, the “Responsible Party” hereby informs you about the purposes for which said Personal Data is gathered and treated (the definition of this term shall be provided later herein.)

The Responsible Party shall gather the following personal data: name, phone number and email address (hereinafter, “Personal Data”), which is needed for the following purposes: sales follow-up, quotes, projects and requests.

Pursuant to the Law, we require your express consent to treat your sensitive Personal Data, your financial data and your net worth, with the exceptions established by the Law. If you grant your consent to treat your Personal Data, your financial data and your net worth, the Responsible Party hereby pledges not to treat said Personal Data for purposes other than the ones established in this Privacy Notice.

We hereby inform you that your Personal Data may be transferred by the Responsible Party, within the country of residence of the Responsible Party, to the internal areas of the Responsible Party for the following purposes: sales follow-up, quotes, projects and requests. Furthermore, we inform you that the Responsible Party shall take every measure to ensure that said third parties to which your Personal Data is transferred are bound by the same terms established in this Privacy Notice and that these third parties are compliant with all corresponding security and confidentiality measures. If you do not wish to have your Personal Data transferred to the aforementioned third parties for these purposes, you must inform the Responsible Party about this situation by means of the contact information provided herein. If you do not express your disagreement with said transfer of information, we will assume that you have granted the Responsible Party your consent to do so.

You have the right to access your Personal Data in our possession and the details of its treatment and to rectify said Personal Data in case it is inaccurate, incomplete or you may also cancel it if you consider that it is not required for the purposes mentioned in this Privacy Notice, either because it is being used for unauthorized purposes or if the contractual relationship or service has concluded, or because you oppose its treatment for specific purposes (hereinafter, “ARCO Rights”.)

In order to exercise ARCO Rights, you must submit the corresponding request by the following channel:

The request that you submit to exercise your ARCO Rights must indicate your name and the address or email address where you wish to receive all the information related to the process, in addition to being accompanied by the document(s) that prove your identity. or the personality of its legal representative. Likewise, we would appreciate it if you included a clear and precise description of the data with respect to which you seek to exercise any of the ARCO Rights and of any other element that allows us to identify or locate the Personal Data in question. In the case of "rectification" of your Personal Data, you must also indicate the exact modification you are seeking to make and present the documentation that supports the request.

Also, for your protection and benefit, we might request additional documentation that will allow us to fully identify the Personal Data you wish to access, rectify and/or cancel, or the data whose treatment you wish to oppose. The Responsible Party will ensure that the Personal Data contained in the database is pertinent, correct and up to date for the purposes for which it was gathered and, when said data is no longer needed to comply with the corresponding purposes, it will be cancelled. Notwithstanding the above, the Responsible Party might not be able to cancel or block your Personal Data in accordance to the provisions of the Law.

Upon receiving your complete and duly integrated request, the Responsible Party will communicate the corresponding response in a maximum period of 10 business days. If it proceeds, you may exercise the right you requested in the following 15 business days. If the Responsible Party has to deliver any documentation due to the right that was exercised, said documentation will be delivered in the form of copies sent by e-mail or the Responsible Party will make it available for you at the address stated for that purpose, within the aforementioned period, so that you can collect said documentation directly or through a third party empowered by a power of attorney.

You may revoke your consent at any time to fully or partially prevent the treatment of your Personal Data. However, it is important to consider that we might not be able to comply with your request or terminate its use immediately in all cases, since it is possible that some legal obligations might require the Responsible Party to continue treating your Personal Data. You must also consider that, for certain purposes, revoking your consent might imply that we will not be able to render the requested services any longer or that your relationship with the Responsible Party will have concluded. In case you wish to revoke your consent for the treatment of your Personal Data, you must submit the corresponding request along with a copy of your official means of identification to verify that you are indeed the owner of your Personal Data (or, if that is the case, the corresponding authorization for your legal representative), and specify the email address or domicile at which you wish to receive the information related to the process, a clear and precise description of the Personal Data for which you wish to revoke your consent and the contact data that will allow us to inform you about the resolution for your request. The Responsible Party will inform you about the resolution reached for your request 10 days after you have submitted it, provided said request is complete and duly integrated.

With the aim of allowing you to limit the use and the distribution of your personal information, you may register at the Public Registry to Prevent Advertising that is under the purview of PROFECO (Office of the Federal Prosecutor for the Consumer), so that your Personal Data are not used to receive any advertisements or promotions. If you wish to have more information about this registration, you may visit the PROFECO web page.

The Responsible Party may, at any time, modify or update this Privacy Notice due to new legal requirements, policy requirements, or privacy practices of the Responsible Party or other needs that might arise due to the products or services offered or due to any other reason.

The Responsible Party shall notify you about any change or update to this notice by means of its web page (

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