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Remote Simultaneous Interpretation


In Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI), our team is constantly developing various solutions to break the communication walls down in online and hybrid events. RSI complements and improves traditional simultaneous interpretation.

We use state-of-the-art technology and a wide array of specialized online platforms. This, in combination with our professional interpreters and technicians, make us the go-to solution for any international event.


inTERP provides professional Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI) Services for meetings, conferences, and international online events in any language via a wide array of multichannel platforms.

If you think RSI is the go-to option for your project, inTERP will provide you with a comprehensive solution so you can experience savings in time and costs as seen in standard simultaneous interpretation. Put simply - This service will help you save money on travel expenses and accommodation for interpreters, speakers, and participants, including equipment rental and transport.

RSI técnicos

inTERP’s Event Management Team

For RSI Services

The inTERP, team will provide you with RSI solutions to help you in your international events. By using Conference Calls and Streaming platforms, we can offer you cloud-based solutions to provide remote simultaneous interpretation for conferences and similar events.

One of the greatest advantages offered by Remote Simultaneous Interpretation is that it can be scheduled and used in almost every context, using less resources to make things run smoothly. Our connection is only one click away!

Interpretación Simultánea Remota

Using RSI, we can provide you with the service in the following formats:

  • Multisite Meetings

  • Conferences, Webinars, or Online Seminars

  • Multisite Presentations of International Products with Simultaneous Interpretation

  • Congresses, Training Sessions, Business Meetings, and other Similar Events.

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